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Impact on SEO
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Someone may wonder how the Outbrain module and search engine optimization are related? Which is the best way to find out how one impacts the other? According to SEO experts, using Outbrain advertisements can boost your SEO performance. However, it’s not a guarantee that you will get to SERPS, although it can be a ticket to get there fast. That means you still need to work more on your website’s optimization, even if it means hiring experts from a San Diego SEO company.

Outbrain interest targeting
When your client searches for a particular interest, you direct them to the content discovery engine to find the specific item they need. That’s what users want. They love to have what they need without getting bombarded by other uninteresting stuff. Customers find this kind of specified category a valuable factor


If every website owner were to get a quick recipe for driving massive traffic on their site, it would be amazing. It is what everyone secretly wishes for, especially if you have a business site. San Diego SEO company is one of the places people use to help in this area. While using SEO content is the right foot, you can have a lot more traffic generated from your brand awareness through Outbrain.

Content marketing

The content distribution networks, such as Outbrain, are becoming hugely influential to businesses. They are quickly engaging and attracting a new audience as they reach for creative content. Online advertising provides the user with the right content that is within the context of the customer. In essence, the native advertisement experience is less intrusive.

Undisruptive ads

The native ads will not feel like a distraction because Outbrain places them at the bottom of the content. A reader can choose to click on it after digesting the intended article. Content marketing is more than building links. It involves running consolidated promotions that aim to drive engagement and interest that your business requires.

Tips to maximize your ROI

A/B testing; as much as you get your title and images optimized, which is good SEO practice, it’s advisable first to test each of them and your landing pages. However, you will realize that the social campaigns’ testing process is tedious and costly when comparing them with content marketing.

Set goals before launching your campaign; this will help you gauge Outbrain’s success and improve wherever needed.

Add micro conversions on your landing pages; these enable you to track extra ROI from your content distribution such as email signup and social media followers.

Optimize your landing pages; this is a crucial SEO requirement for your conversions. And you can always reach out to San Diego SEO company for assistance.

Static content; add a custom widget under your posts, or use external links to keep users engrossed on your page.

Target demographics with your campaign title; focus your CTAs and images to a demographic you need.

Interesting facts about Outbrain

  • The organic links passing from one side to the other through Outbrain are referral links. You can view them in analytics as unnatural traffic.
  • It’s good to know that Outbrain won’t affect your page loading speed, which can be detrimental for search engine ranking.
  • Outbrain exposes your content to the right audience, attracting positive engagement and significant shares, resulting in natural backlinks.
  • It is a module that enhances user experience by offering relevant content.
  • The Outbrain module does not get the SEO value since it’s not visible to Google, because they use the “no-follow” meta tag to block via robots.txt.
  • Content recommendation helps the user discover the right content as they navigate to other interesting articles.

Why are marketers embracing the Outbrain module?

  • Native ads have more impact of 53 percent on online consumers than the display ads.
  • The visual engagement in native ads is higher than the original content and increases the buyer intent by 18 percent.
  • As this ad creates brand exposure in editorial content, they can’t tire the audience so long as the content remains relevant and engaging.
  • Even as the consumers are well aware that the native ads are promotional content, they respond well to them and don’t impact their buying patterns.

Outbrain positive impacts on the below parties;

  • Consumer; Outbrain offers what the user needs and suggests some more, which in essence provides end-user value.
  • Media; Since Outbrain works with many top news media sites worldwide, they promise to keep your audience engaged on the current site offering more from, CNN, and others.
  • Advertisers; these are the people who give Outbrain business. They pay them for their links to appear within the suggestions given to users.
  • Mobile version; when you compare the mobile view of banner advertisement with Outbrain native ads, you will appreciate the native more. These banners do not look as appealing on the small screen, and it gets worse if the advertiser does not abide by the rule of a particular pixel density.

However, Outbrain text-based will display the ad in the right font adhering to the correct text size, placing the line breaks where needed, respecting the responsive design. As mobile consumers increase, more companies have optimized their mobile website, with Outbrain displaying their ads articulately below contents.

Some of these companies are reportedly using Outbrain in their tech stacks;

Popular tools that have integrated with Outbrain include;

Outbrain benefits

  • It can quickly help your business reach potential audiences by routing traffic to articles, blogs, and video content.
  • With the discovery modules in the app, you can see the new trends for the fascinating content.
  • The app is customizable to scale your business needs.
  • Testing tools are accessible to users if they want to reach particular aspirations and do optimization.
  • Outbrain can help to drive your business success measurably regardless of its size.
  • Editors can blend decision-making and editorial objectives through the Outbrain VR, based on information collected from algorithm recommendations. It simplifies programming content and increases audience engagement.

In conclusion, according to Moz’s research, Outbrain users are more engaged, contributing to your business’s higher conversion rate. Marketers can benefit a lot from this tool as it raises the overall user engagement and ROI. Nevertheless, San Diego SEO company can as well help your business get there.

Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at He is an Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business.

Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at He is an Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business.

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