New & Updated Google My Business Features for Local SEO

New & Updated Google My Business Features for Local SEO
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97% of buyers are local businesses and most of all – most businesses focus on local SEO. Today, local SEO is one of the most stable growth strategies for any business. Those who already have my money with Google and talk about their business will eventually win the contest, however, today I have good news. Below are the points of the latest SEO updates by Google:

Physical health and well-being

On September 11, 2020, Google announced a new health and safety policy for companies. You can add this feature to send a message to your customers that you are indulge to provide a safe environment, even if you are a retail store, grocery store or service.

Security Measurement Features:

  • Wearing a mask is important for both clients and staff
  • It is important for consumers and employees to control body temperature.
  • Scheduling is required.

Anyone who visits your site in this way is aware of the security procedures involved in this important Covid-19 event.

Supply for local restaurants

In response to the epidemic, Google regularly updates the issue. Added updates for the restaurant, GMB:

  • No contacts Delivery
  • Curbside pickup
  • Built in

The move comes in mid-May, especially after the forced closure. These shows will help many restaurants reopen their services. Whether you choose an open or closed restaurant, whether you like it or not, consumers are overwhelmed.

Features of Internet services

Epidemics change the course of life; People are more interested in online shopping, virtual meetings and outdoor activities than ever before. We mostly use services like Google Meter, Zoom, Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket. Google is introducing some new GMB capabilities to provide better services to online users. The addition of these videos has made it clear to its customers that there are businesses that help consumers.

Features: Learn online, meet, care and review.

As we know, Covid-19 is the key to security protection against this vicious virus, so the use of such masks can be the key to good business. In this way, you expand the landscape market instead of sight. Take a moment, think about which of these features is right for your business, and use them as quickly as possible to get the most out of them.

Call Log

Call logs are now available in test mode for the same group of businesses in the United States. But what it is, and how it can help you in the future, is an important challenge. So keep your eyes open for the finished file.

The new show, i.e. GMB call logs, provide contact information as shown below

  • Who called the last message?
  • Did you see it?

This is one of the few consumers who have the functions of GMB funds. Here you will have a true history of calls from potential customers. It will be easier to list users who have called you and contacted you on Google Search or Google Maps.

All calls will be in the same place you answered or missed.

Every time you receive a call on a GMB profile, Google will alert you with a “message from Google”.

How does it work?

Important Note: You can only check your call history in Google My Business app. Here you will find the call tab. Mobile to get all call history.

Each time a customer clicks the “Call” button in your business listing, the result appears on the “Call in Tasks” tab. You can check the recent and recent calls with these lines.

Also, instead of calling a phone number listed in the profile, you will get a call history when the voice is on. But before you start such a conversation, you should get a quote.

Additional information on GMB attention

Another important feature of GMBs is improved reporting; will let you know who you came to after visiting your company profile page. In addition, it will provide you with other search information.

You will have a report of how many times your profile appears in search results. Not only that, you also get a complete Google Map search report for your business.

Important thing: You can compile such a report in just 6 months.


We used the messaging feature in the mobile app, but it’s now available for the desktop. Yes, you heard right; you can activate clients via the messaging user interface.

How do I send a message using a GBM desktop account?

Sign in to my Google Business account with redirects.

Go to the sidebar on the left, here you will see the “Messages” button.

Click the “Messages” button.

The messaging interface opens.

Go to Settings> Enable Messaging.

You will then receive a message within 24 hours with a warning of the need to reply to the message. Failure to do so may violate Google’s rights. However, it is not permanent, you can use it again, but you should follow the full function of optical messages on the desktop.

A black-owned company

In the last 12 months, Google’s search for “black-owned firms” has grown by 600%. At the same time, 41% of black-owned companies went off-site via COVID-19. Google is working with the Opportunity Finance network to raise more than $ 30 million in loans to support this business.

Google has updated search results for people looking for a black business.

Black attributes are currently available to Google Merchant Center merchants in the United States. However, it will take time for other countries to apply this attribute. The purpose of applying this GMB quality was to gain user interest and facilitate improved search results.

Maximum size of the uploaded video

Another update – you can upload up to 75 MB of video instead of 100 MB of video. Even if the size decreases, it does not mean that you can no longer provide your visible data. If you have a long video that crosses the line, just break it to pieces.

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