Top 3 Ways To Maximize Leads Generation Through Facebook

Top 3 Ways To Maximize Leads Generation Through Facebook

Social media marketing is something that is talked about so frequently these days and is wooing its users by its somewhat magical results. The smart users leverage it for their businesses in more than one way and here are top 3 ways in which one of the oldest medium of social interaction platform viz. Facebook can be employed to generate leads for your business. So, here we go!

  1. Prompt Engagement Before ‘Likes’

One-third (32%) of Facebook users engage with brands regularly.


What this means is that it is not just right to expect people to ‘like’ you/your business page simply because they had encountered it! The very first step must be to utilize the carefully drafted business page as nothing but a landing ground for more content that is far away from being a run of the mill type of stuff. When the business page begins to engage the audience with the content in interactive forms such as videos, animations or hilarious/reader friendly blog and the ‘likes’ begin to drop in at an astonishing pace, then you must ready yourself to be showered with more love from the customers in the near future.

  1. Pamper Leads With Meaningful/Informative Content
  • 66 percent of Facebook users consume news on the platform.
  • There are over 3 million companies that regularly use Facebook to market their business.


The people who love to engage with your content on facebook will return to you only if they are benefitted by it and makes worth their time and efforts. The leads generated through successful engagement with the content online translates to an increase in the number of ‘likes’ naturally.

  1. Link More For a Giant Network

1.37 billion active users visit Facebook on a daily basis.


Expand your business network beyond FB through FB. Emails, offers on your website and other social media platforms should all include a FB sharing button so as to allow the visitors to share it with their fellow friends giving you higher visibility at no additional cost!

Using Facebook as a content platform never fails for a B2B strategy in addition to being fruitful for B2C purposes. Include clearly highlighted ‘call to action’ buttons not just in the business page at FB but also in the landing page of your business website linked to it. Also, never forget to strengthen your email signature with a FB share button.


Being a smart entrepreneur form this digital age, you would most certainly agree that it is true that no platform (social media) will deliver good business results if you fail to understand its fundamental style of operation. It may be fun to learn the tricks and techniques of the game but it is sad that it demands too much of your time and other resources such as money. So, either start now or entrust one of the reputed digital marketing agencies in your nearby area to meet your business requirements as far as promoting it amongst the noise is concerned.

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