Toll Free Service

The Toll Free Service is one of the best and inexpensive ways for your customer to reach you in a professional way. So now let your callers connect with you at zero cost. Whether you want to increase the sale, handle huge traffic with ease, increase credibility or whatever, toll-free is the solution for you. A powerful platform that caters to all your business needs. Our Toll – free services are provided on a state of the art, intelligent network platform where we give easy to remember 1800 number series. With an industry-first feature.

Better Brand Presence

A toll free number gives your business a global presence. This number makes easy for your customers to call you anytime. Expand your reach.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

1800 number allows a customer to call your company without being charged. Simple and easy to remember. People can easily memorize this number.

Marketing Campaign

Place your 1800 toll free number in a marketing campaign or advertisement. You can track and monitor the call and determine the performance of the campaign.

TollFree Number Features:

  • Multi-level IVR
  • CRM Integration
  • Business Continuity
  • Webhooks
  • Agent Wise Report
  • Sticky Agent
  • Call Recording

With a Toll Free Number starting 1800, all your customers can call your business for free. The cost of a toll-free call is borne by the called party, which is the toll-free subscriber, and not the calling party (your customers). With a toll-free number to call your business, your customers can now reach you more conveniently. Increase sales and generate more revenue for your business with the best Toll Free Number Service Provider in India.

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