Significance of Email Marketing And SMS Marketing

Significance of Email Marketing And SMS Marketing

Emails and SMS have a great competence to touch people personally and engage them in a creatively designed content. It is one of the most successful and direct marketing strategies to reach the targeted spectrum of people through email messages and SMS. These powerful services are often availed to promote a product or service, display ads and approach for business, sales or donation purpose. Email Marketing and SMS Marketing provides strength to customer loyalty and also encourages the brand awareness.

How Can Your Business Use Email and SMS Marketing?

To get leads from the targeted customer, email marketing is one of the simplest and most cost efficient platform. For a fruitful e-mail campaign, it is important to figure out the correct time your email is likely to be browsed by the target client. The subject, content, frequency and format all require a methodical approach to get what you desire.

SMS marketing is used for many purposes in a business. One of the advantages of SMS is appointment reminders. This helps you to ensure that your clients are not missing any booked appointment. Another way in which SMS is used is to send notifications and confirmations. This can be a great way to promote business sales or specials and then send them a confirmation of their purchase or order or booking. All different industries are now using Email and SMS Marketing to connect with customers, clients and staff.

Features of Email Marketing:

Email Marketing has a variety of features that help you create and manage mass-scale personalized email campaigns.

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: You can create beautiful emails with no coding knowledge using the simple drag-and-drop editor by selecting elements you need and adding them in.
  • Professional Templates: Email marketing makes use of a variety of premade email templates for you to choose from which further saves your time.
  • Track Data: In order to build strong relationships, send personalized content to each contact.
  • Detailed Reports: Use reports to know your best leads. Track emails opens, clicks, and more. Know the best sending times, content readers’ preferences and so on.

Features of SMS Marketing:

Sms Marketing offers a lot of features that help you discover, organise and communicate with your customers.

  • Personalized Text Messages: Send personalized text messages to capture your contacts’ attention. Use the simple merge feature in the text messaging marketing software to insert names automatically to each individual text message and gain the attention of your subscribers.
  • Shortcodes: Shortcodes are simple and engaging because they entitle people to take action with just a few keystrokes. Shortcodes are helpful for contests, promotions, charity events and much more.
  • Automated Responses: Use automation to follow up on text replies. Setting up a comprehensive text message campaign allows you to create messages that will automatically be sent based on subscriber actions. This feature enables you to provide immediate customer service anytime.
  • Easy Unsubscribe: Most text message marketers enable subscribers to opt out by texting the word ‘Stop’ to their number. Unsubscribe may be added to your opt-out list either automatically or manually.

At present, emergency services, non profit organisations, to retail, each industry is finding a way to use Email And SMS Marketing in their organisations to help in communication.