What is SEO, Implementation and How it Can help a Business to Grow Rapidly?

What is SEO, Implementation and How it Can help a Business to Grow Rapidly?

Today the importance of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is well-known for businesses across the globe to uplift online presence. Well executed digital marketing plan including SEO, Social Media Marketing (SMO), Video Campaign, Email Marketing and Paid Campaign  can drastically boost your business. It helps you in attracting potential buyer to website from different sources and  influx a good traffic that ultimately makes money.

Digital marketing is not just about attracting customer or getting good traffic influx. However it provides a healthy exposure to your product or service and let a people what you are offering. Nowadays, with enhancement in technology and proper use of digital marketing, SEO and Analytics has enabled business owners to look at customer behavior and prepare a strategy based on these factors. Once you are able analyse customer behavior it is easy to boost sales and grow business successfully.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, as name suggests it is a process of optimizing a website to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to increase traffic. It helps you in getting your business website in top search results against terms related to your business. Let’s say you are running a small chinese restaurant in Noida. SEO can help in getting customers from your locality. After a proper SEO implementation your restaurant website will appear on top most position in Google search results when customer will search for terms related to your business such as “Nearby Chinese Restaurant” or “Chinese Restaurant in Noida”.

When it comes to SEO, it is primary to know what are the popular terms related to your business that people frequently use while searching on search engines like Google. These terms are professionally known as keywords in digital marketing circle. It might be a question for in your mind that how you would know that what are the terms people use while searching for products or services you offer. Actually it is easy with Google tools like keywords planner to get hot keywords related to your business. As Google has sufficient data to provide you customer behavior as discussed earlier.

Once you get the keywords list, it is time to optimize your website using these keywords. Content on your websites  must have sentences in which these keywords appear. So, that if anyone type any of the hot keywords related to your business, your website appear on the top of search engine results. It will boost your website traffic, leads, sales and business.

Let’s see what are some the important factors that must be considered while implementing SEO strategy for a successful websites.

Website Design and Development

It is the foundation stone of SEO implementation. People don’t take it seriously, however If SEO is not kept in mind from website design and development stage, then it becomes hard to get the things onboard when it comes to SEO. And in most of the cases redesigning and development happens. Title tags, Canonicalisation, Meta tags and keyword placement are few important points to be implemented efficiently while development stage of website. So, it becomes quite important to hire a reputable professional who is aware of these types of challenges.


As discussed earlier, understanding right terms that your potential customers use while searching on Google is important and those terms are known as keywords. Keywords are the backbone of whole SEO campaign that you setup. If get it wrong, whole campaign remains worthless. So, be specific while doing keyword research. You can use Google Keyword Planner to do effective keyword research. Take your time to analyse and implement. Second stage of keyword research is, check how keywords are performing. Is there any keyword that influx unwanted traffic? If it is there put it in negative keywords to remove unwanted traffic. At the end, traffic is not important for you. Genuine traffic that can generate sales is important for a business. So, being specific while choosing keywords it quite important.

Good Quality Content

People think better to copy and paste content, then wasting so much time in writing it. It is one a mistake that can kill your business forever in internet era. Google penalise this type of websites and put them out of ranking system. So, write fresh content using keywords that are important for your business.

Again, some business owners start using keywords unnecessarily in website content. Sometimes in five hundreds words content, people use keywords that covers two hundreds of words. This type of practices are known as keyword stuffing and it must be avoided. Use keywords where it is necessary. Try to make a useful content for reader.

 Titles And Metatags

It is important to apply descriptive titles with proper keywords to attract visitors while pleasing search engine to get the best website traffic. These meta titles and descriptions appears in search results as it is. So, be smart while preparing it.

Building Back Links

Backlinks are considered as building blocks in SEO implementation. It is a practice where we leave website links on different third party websites through business listing, bookmarking, classified submissions, forum posting and leaving links on question answer sites like Quora. This type of links are called incoming or inbound that influx traffic to website. The number of backlinks associated with a website shows how popular it is. So, backlinks building is one of the top most important practice of SEO, when it comes to off-page activities.

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