10 Web Application Development Stats & Trends To Look In 2021

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Web applications have since been very beneficial for digital commerce and enterprise. Its accessibility and efficiency makes it perfect for business and favorable for many consumers. For many years, Web Apps have well improved, facilitated more business processes, and provided better user experience. With modern technologies and better resources, they are improving day by day, solving more digital business problems and providing solutions to cater to modern consumers’ habits.

Whether you are doing a startup business or looking for ideas and areas where you can help people digitally, you can depend on these interesting web application development stats and trends as a basis for your next projects and campaigns.

1. Chatbots and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Chatbots make life easier for both eCommerce developers and clients. They offer appropriate online help for your website. From tickets, to tech gadgets, to food; chatbots can provide you with active , 24/7 assistance at a click of a mouse.

According to Valuecoders, they predict that approximately 85% of all dealings with customers will be without human interaction until 2021. Chatbots record and get all the necessary information from prospects and clients without you having to intervene. Advanced chatbots that utilize artificial intelligence will pave the way to a future in eCommerce that will be cheaper and easier to maintain.

AI and machine learning will surely dominate modern web tools. It is currently used not only in chatbots but also in marketing, image optimization, smart background removal, market targeting, social listening, and a lot more. With the new mode of working, employment of remote teams and increasing eCommerce businesses, more innovations will eventually pop-up using AI.

2. Motion UI

Motion UI, or Motion User Interface, helps get users of your website acquire the important or specific information by focusing and accessing appropriate locations, making it the best way to capture and hold the attention of its user on that area they need, or even to show data that they want to see.

Motion UI keeps things simple, as its developers purposely made it so as to display the right information and data the users want to see in a minimalistic way. This makes it a great strategy in eCommerce as almost everyone agrees that being bombarded with ads makes your business look cheap and even suspicious.

As far as these things go, it is still growing. Soon, advanced Motion UI will take over and will make things even easier and will allow developers to add their own unique flourish to the web design.

3. Blockchain

This is one the safest ways of collecting and storing dispersed data storage. Blockchain offers high levels of security to transactions in your business as there are no intermediaries. Each transaction relies on a unique algorithm that verifies each transaction, despite a participation by a huge amount of computers. Blockchain ensures security with each transaction to secure valuable data.

Many international banks are also considering Blockchain to be used in their system as it is deemed much safer. And by 2023, it is expected that blockchain solutions will grow up to 15.9 billion worldwide from 1.5 billion in 2018.

4. Video Content & Backgrounds

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, platforms that capture the attention of prospects and customers alike is video content. This is a better way for businesses to showcase their products and their services to the right crowd.
Valuecoders states that “video content raises sales by 64% to 85% as 3 out of 4 videos are played by users.” Video content is one of the best ways how businesses can showcase their products and offers to the public. It is also an interesting feature that can capture the attention of your audience.

Further statistics displays “video marketing can boost CTR by 200-300% and increase purchase intent by 97%”. Furthermore, video marketing methods with HD videos are storming today’s market. Live streaming has also surfaced as popular methods as it gathers more people.

5. Single E-commerce Network

Single e-commerce network offers customers with an adjustable system where a group of eCommerce businesses work together. Websites like eBay for example allow you to pick items up at a small store near you if you purchase an item on their website. As per Nasdaq, “it is estimated that 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040 — eCommerce is opening the doors of opportunity to countless entrepreneurs”.

This also makes your online stores more attractive and diverse by offering many options for your customers to go with. A lot of e-commerce brands are opting to connect to a single e-commerce network in the near future.

6. AR & VR

AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) are both quick, efficient and interactive app development trends that also work on mobile devices. AR and VR help marketers to get in touch with their prefered audience so as to help them integrate into said platforms. In 2019, Statista predicted that The market size of AR and VR is forecast to hit $18.8 billion in 2020.

Apps like Snapchat have switched to AR and VR features which will allow their users to project their own products through the app’s camera feature.Brands are also able to show their products through special filters to users of social media, allowing customers to experience everything while in the comforts of their own homes.

7. Single-page Websites

We understand if navigating websites that send you from one page to another can be rather tedious and exhausting, and sometimes even confusing. Research by Brainsins revealed that “users who scroll to the bottom of the page are 25% more likely to buy a product than those who do not scroll”.

Single-Page websites are here to save you the trouble of being bombarded by links. It’s one long scrollable page that offers all the information you need without being redirected to other pages, saving visitors the complexities of navigation, sparing them the huge amount of reading material and the multi-level menu.

Although not meant for eCommerce, they are most beneficial for mobile website users as they don’t have to go all over the place looking for the information they need. These user-friendly sites offer tons of businesses the benefits of a cost reduced web design, web app development, as well as hosting. These are great tools to you business as they show for an impressive inflation of conversions

8) Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs are quite similar to mobile apps. They’re fast, reliable, and appealing, therefore, they are able to offer a great experience to their users.

Statistics by Neil Patel states that “it only takes 3 seconds to close a sluggish website that takes too long to load”. This is where PWAs come into play. A lot of things are expected to come into light in 2021. PWAs load instantly and they are independent of connectivity, meaning that they can work properly without an active internet connection. It really seen to be one of the big competitors with native apps in the field of custom web app development

9) Push Notifications For Websites

One unique concept in web app development is Push Notifications. As mobile app notifications are more efficient in connecting with users, it is assumed that it will be greatly beneficial to the business.

This will allow users to access push notifications when they visit the app or page. They will then be notified for any kind of change or update on the app or website. This also allows you to message your users should you want them to know about a new product or feature that you have to offer, especially if they’re not active on the page or app.

But really, the best thing that push notifications have to offer is that you can keep your audience engaged without great effort coming from your end.

10) Social Selling

Social selling is using social media to your advantage. Finding, connecting with, understanding, and nurturing sales prospects. It’s a way to build bridges with potential customers making you the primary business they think of when they’re ready to buy something.

According to social selling leaders in LinkedIn, “they can create 45% more sales opportunities than most of their competitors, making it a boon in eCommerce”. In fact, many social networks have already looked to it as an investment.

Not only does it help you, you help your community by generating connectivity as well creating a good revenue via these social apps. Social selling can really benefit your brand in lots of ways as it can increase your sales. Products can be shared multiple times in a short amount of time and can generate great interest to expand reach to your target crowd.


The future is certainly bright, and it especially shines brighter on eCommerce with the tools of trade growing in number around the subject. As numbers don’t lie, you can rest assured that engaging in eCommerce is the right path to take.

Whether you’re a new business or an old one seeking new horizons, these trends are definitely going to help you get more recognition and gain more traction on the field of growth.

Statistics should be more reliable than the hearsay and “horror stories” that people have concocted about going online over the years. The numbers prove that many tools are becoming even more secure than traditional means. So fear not what you don’t understand now, for the benefits of free information is that anyone can learn anything. Take advantage of this and get yourself started on the right track!

Jenn Pereira is an experienced writer and digital marketing specialist. She loves UI/UX design and web app development. She aims to motivate and help others to learn and grow in their field of work. Currently working as a Marketing Head of Removal.AI a fast growing company that offers complete photo editing solutions for different industries. The team also had developed an AI technology to automatically remove background from image and a basic photo editor to create stunning visuals and graphics.

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