Market Your Business amidst Corona Virus Crisis

Marketing your Business during the Corona Virus Crisis
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Marketing your Business during the Corona Virus Crisis is more important than ever and can help you gain a considerable lead over your competitors. This can be accomplished using Digital Marketing.

With the world facing Corona Virus Crisis, each and every person is facing personal concerns and is working in order to stay free of the Corona Virus. With this pandemic at our doorsteps, much of the information, related to COVID-19, is available around including how to avoid the virus, proper technique for hand wash, the importance of practicing social distancing, etc.

While people are facing personal concerns during the crisis, many of the business owners are facing professional concerns as well and are trying to speculate the degree of the financial impact that their business will have to bear during this lockdown.

The small Business Owners are encountering additional questions like how is this crisis going to affect their business, will they be able to market their business or even is it necessary to market their business during such a slowdown!

Well, to at least answer the last question, yes, it is important to market your business during this time. The reason for the above answer is that such times only provide the opportunities to get ahead in the game while most of the businesses pullback or even stop their marketing measures altogether.

So, it depends upon you whether you embrace this period and take it as an opportunity to maximize your business or you stay back at home, pausing all your marketing efforts and waiting for this time to end only to start from the scratch!

Obviously, you will be thinking about continuing with your marketing strategies in order to gain more but take a pause when it comes to How to Do it!

We are here to provide you an answer to this question only, and the answer is Digital Marketing.

While you and everyone else is not advised not to step out of your home, the Internet is the only place where everyone is spending most of their time during this crisis. Thus, it seems only viable to use the Internet to reach your existing and potential customers.

Now, let us discuss the numerous ways which can be utilized in Digital Marketing, during Corona Virus Crisis, to ace your marketing game and get ahead of your competition.

Digital Marketing Strategies Effective during the Corona Virus Crisis

  1.     Social Media Marketing:

Being at home, people are now spending more and more time online than ever. During the Coronavirus lockdown, where people are working from home and kids are studying at home, one thing which is most prominently being used is Social Media. With people being glued to social media platforms; it is the best time to market your product on these platforms to gain more engagement from your target audience.

  1.     Search Engine Optimization:
Search Engine Optimization

While at home and looking for a certain product or service, it is common for the people to Google search the desired product or service. If you provide any such product or service, then search engine optimization can help your business website to appear in top rankings on Search Engine Result Page. Well, people who are familiar with SEO are aware of the fact that this process is a bit time-consuming and it can take some time for your website to appear on the results page. While this is the normal case scenario, due to the Corona Virus Crisis, most of the businesses are slacking back and are slowing down their SEO efforts, providing their competitors a good opportunity to gain top rankings and that too at a faster pace.

Now think, if your competitors belong to the group of business owners who are not putting enough SEO efforts due to panic! This can turn out to be a huge opportunity for your Business.

  1.     Google & Social Advertising
Google & Social Advertising

A common reaction of all the business owners, whenever any kind of uncertainty arises, is to put a pause on all advertising efforts. For their mindset is if the people are not able to actively purchase anything, then why to waste money and time on advertising.  But it is necessary to understand that people are still going to require their everyday needs even if they cannot go out of their home. Not all the consumers are going to restrain their wallets and for those who are looking to purchase the product or service, you might want to appear in front. Even for the consumers who are not buying at present will make their purchases as soon as there is normalcy in the circumstances, and they will definitely purchase from the brand they have seen frequently during their period at home. Thus, advertising on Google and social media platforms places you in front of the target audiences and maintains the relevancy of your brand.

  1.     E-mail Marketing
E-mail Marketing

If you own a business, you must know that you can never learn enough about your audience and there is never a good time to cease building relationships with your potential customers.  This time, during the lockdown, can be taken as an opportunity to learn about your customers and build good repo with them. The best way to connect with your customers is through E-mail Marketing. Utilize this time to cultivate relations with your existing customers by sharing Email Newsletters with them. For all the ecommerce businesses, it is important to understand that the consumers make their purchases from a brand they trust. Use this time to establish that invaluable brand-consumer trust and set your business for a long term success, even after the COVID-19. And to do that, what better way than Email Marketing!

TIPS While Executing Digital Marketing Strategies

While promoting your business is your main motive using Digital Marketing, it shall not appear so to your customers. Remember, where most people are taking precautions in order to stay devoid of COVID-19, few people or their family members have already caught the virus. Amidst such a scenario, if consumers will think that you only think about your business and want to promote business, it will make people lose trust in your brand. Instead, show some empathy towards a consumer and design your advertisement in a manner that depicts a level of sensibility in your message. This will help your brand gain more respect and favor from consumers. Following are few tips that will help you do the same:

  1. Usage of Relevant Hashtags:
Usage of Relevant Hashtags

As mentioned earlier, there is an increase in the usage of social media during the Corona Virus Crisis. So, while advertising on social media, in order to achieve maximum reach it is important to use relevant Hashtags.  While it helps in extending the reach, the use of relevant Hashtags also portrays the credibility of your brand. Some interesting Hashtags that are seen being used on social media include #StopTheSpread, referring to stop the spread of Corona Virus and #JOMO, which stands for Joy of Missing Out. This Hashtag allows the people to come in terms with the cancellation of their plans in a more cheerful manner. Another quite used Hashtag is #SocialDistancing, promoting the thought of taking a break and not socializing in-person. Covering such Hashtags can help your business achieve that extra reach.

  1. Understand How to Fit Your Business Into The Bigger Picture:

It is important to understand how your business fits in the big picture frame. Think about the products or services offered by your business and how can you relate it with general people and Corona Virus. Think about how you can approach the consumers differently. Communicate with people and let them know that you are playing your part to end the Corona Virus and are available to help them in this hour of need. Such communication will be appreciated by your consumers and will build your Brand Reputation.

Benefits of Digital Marketing during the Corona Virus Crisis

  1.     Get Ahead of your Competitors

The reach and customer base you will create for your business during this time when most other businesses are taking their time-off will definitely provide you an edge over your competitors and will allow you to get ahead in the game.

  1.     Understand Your Target Audience
Understand Your Target Audience

It is always considered beneficial to learn more & more about your consumers. What is their buying behavior? The need behind their purchases! The more you know about your customer base outside of your comfort level and their demographics, the more will the information help in strategizing and creating content that will convert them. The research can help you create content targeting the specific needs of the buyers and positioning your product in a manner that it is a solution to their specific problems.

  1. Relationship Building

This time can be thoughtfully used to build a relationship with potential customers and motivate them to make their purchases, thus, converting them into paying customers.

  1. Capitalize on the Consumers who want to make their purchase now

As mentioned above, advertising your brand during COVID-19 will help you reach the people who are actually looking to make a purchase and gain capitalization through them. All you have to do is make yourself visible to the customers and let them know that you’re here to help them.

  1. Set your Business for Success after COVID-19

This is the most important and useful benefit of all. Though it is a Crisis situation, but it will not last forever. What will happen once COVID-19 is over for the good? While the businesses that are not doing anything will have to start afresh, your business will already have a lead over them in the means of the number of customers as well as in relation to Brand trust quotient.

Thus, it is not the time to lay back and stop all the marketing efforts, but it is the time to think more strategically. Use Digital Marketing to build your brand and reach potential customers. Let the people know that you, as a business, understand what they are going through and provide your product or service as a solution to their problems.


We are web design, web development and search engine optimisation specialists who believe in fostering long term professional, mutually profitable relationships with our clients. Our services include website design, website development, e-commerce, search engine optimisation, database development, mobile application development and software development.

We are web design, web development and search engine optimisation specialists who believe in fostering long term professional, mutually profitable relationships with our clients. Our services include website design, website development, e-commerce, search engine optimisation, database development, mobile application development and software development.

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