The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Google Maps Marketing In 2021

Google Maps Marketing
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Given its popularity over other navigation applications prospective customers usually use to find any business whose products or services they need, Google Maps is way ahead! Suitable for both standard and local SEO, Google Maps marketing is a rewarding tatic you’d employ for long-term viability. Plus, it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow online as customers can access you both via Google or directly Google Maps.

In this article, I’ll throw some light on what exactly is Google Maps marketing, how you can optimize your Google My Business to garner top rankings, and much more. So, let’s kick in without further ado.

What is Google Maps marketing?

Google Maps marketing isn’t any new concept and signifies proper optimization of your Google My Business profile for higher rankings on Google Maps that’ll, in turn, relate to better business visibility and revenue.

Here, the better your profile optimization with all the necessary details one would need like reviews, ratings, photos, and every other relevant information, the higher your chances get to appear in Google Maps Local 3-Pack. As the name suggests, this Local 3-Pack constitutes the top 3 businesses Google finds highly relevant to the search being made, depending upon either the customer’s current location or any specified location. For example, for a search made for “Restaurants” on Google, you’ll observe the following restaurants in the Local 3-Pack.

What’s the best part is that here the entire game is of Google My Business optimization that’s contributing to a successful Google Maps marketing. Now, since in this article, we’re going to use the Google My Business term more often, let’s understand what it means.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool from Google that allows users to set up their business online with all the relevant information its customer would require. It generally includes vital pieces of information like the business’s name, its website, contact details, address, operating hours, reviews, etc. The more detailed your GMB profile will be, the more trust you’ll instill in the customer. The following image displays a typical GMB profile of a random restaurant namely VINCENTS @ Café du Pays.

A proper and up-to-date Google My Business account is the best way to tell Google about your business’s existence and relevance to the search results pertinent to your business. Hence, you’d cleverly optimize your GMB account, and here’s how to do it.

How to optimize your Google My Business account?

Below are the critical areas you’d target for optimization.

First and foremost, verify your business. It means the business within Google Maps is yours and only you have the liberty to alter the information as and when it’s applicable. The verification process can be through Google or mail.

Next comes tagging a primary category and other secondary categories relevant to your business. A primary category is one that completely defines your business and is something most of the Google searches revolve around. For example, if your business is about pet grooming, your primary category can be “pet groomer”. For this business, your secondary categories can be of all those products you offer. Say, besides grooming, you also offer pet supplies like clothes, treats, meals, etc.

Location is a must! Your GMB profile must include a clear primary location of your business for customers to easily locate you.

Add an optimized and brief introduction or a summary of your business consisting of all the relevant keywords the user may search for. This summary appears on the SERPs as shown below.

Did you forget the reviews? No way! When a new customer is going through your GMB profile, s/he is more likely to get influenced by the reviews given to your business from the previous customers which can be both negative and positive. While you’ll be tempted to reply to the positive ones more than to the negative ones, Google recommends replying to the other ones as well to build trust among your customers.

The detailed reviews and star ratings can be accessed easily towards the end of your business page as demonstrated below.

Last but not least, PHOTOS!! Interestingly, businesses with actual photos of their business, products, and services can garner 35% more clicks through their website. Hence, don’t forget to click and add high-quality (quality is important!) photos to your Google My Business profile.

Some cool Google Maps marketing strategies you’d work upon

Being the most popular navigation application among the lot, Google Maps pose as the best way to bolster your online presence and meet new customers. However, it may not work at first if you don’t cater to the following strategies alongside.

  • Contact other local bloggers and businesses within your domain for reviews and backlinks from their websites. You can offer them free products or any service for a healthy and professional review to elevate your business’s assurance.
  • List your business in multiple places instead of relying on merely Google for the desired results. For example, some local business listing sites are Bing, Yelp, social media platforms, etc.
  • Keep a track of your analytics using Google’s insight tool.

The final takeaway

Google Maps marketing is the hottest trend in the SEO world at the moment. Be it standard SEO or local SEO, your business can touch new heights using this and it’ll further bolster your online presence. So, what are you waiting for? Set up your Google My Business for Google Maps marketing now and substantiate the results live.


Divyanshu is an engineer, digital marketer, and prolific content writer. At WebPreneurs, he authors in-depth articles to help business owners manage & scale their businesses in a streamlined manner. He loves playing with technology and that's what constitutes his free time.

Divyanshu is an engineer, digital marketer, and prolific content writer. At WebPreneurs, he authors in-depth articles to help business owners manage & scale their businesses in a streamlined manner. He loves playing with technology and that's what constitutes his free time.

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