SEO Trends 2020: Top Trends to stay in a Lead

Top SEO Trends for 2020
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The new algorithm introduced by Google in 2019 end turned out to be a part-trendsetter for 2020. Obviously, knowing the current trends and following them can help any website owner achieve a better ranking, thus, allowing their website to gain more traffic. Also, keeping track of the trends can also distinguish you from your competitors while keeping you a step ahead in the game.

While a number of trends came in the year 2019, not all the trends gained popularity. But some of the trends were exceptional and are likely to be followed well in 2020 to improve rankings and attract more traffic. Amongst the trends ranging from mobile-optimization of the websites to incorporating voice search and many others introduced in 2019, we have picked the top SEO Trends that are carried on in 2020 and are helping the website owners to work wonders with their website.

1. Google Answer Box or Featured Snippets:

Google Answer Box

It is official now that there is a place beyond the number 1 position in SERP and everyone is aiming to achieve that position. Referred to as Google Answer Box or Featured Snippet, the position zero offers a huge advantage to the website owner and 2020 is going to be a year in which people will compete to acquire Position Zero.

  • You can achieve position zero through featured snippets and many of the SEO experts are already learning to make the best out of this Google feature.
  • The websites getting ranked on Google Answer Box constitute qualitative yet direct answers to the frequently asked questions.
  • More than 50% of clicks are derived through Featured Snippets and anyone who ignores this feature can be termed as crazy.
  • Google Answer Box provides a great opportunity for the content creators to showcase their website and achieve position zero, which is higher than the number 1 ranking.
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  1. Voice Search:

2019 saw another trend that was accepted worldwide by the users. This trend was the usage of Virtual Assistance. Though virtual assistance has been used for few years, 2019 saw an extensive rise in acceptance of this trend. The escalation of voice search accompanied the increased usage of the virtual assistant. With the numerous voice search applications like Siri and Alexa, the trend gained popularity and is one of the hottest trends of 2020. Being a big trend of 2020, SEO Experts are using it to create an impact upon the SEO of their website. This is voice search  is affecting the SEO:

  • Voice search offers more conversation scope than the text search. While the search queries constitute of long sentences, it means that the websites will be required to target long-tail keywords.
  • It was seen that almost 50% of the searches were carried out with the help of voice search in 2019. Thus, Content will be required to be created in a manner to be able to serve the voice search
  • While the search queries are usually longer, the keywords will be replaced with the entire phrases while targeting voice search. This will make work easier for Google and the user will be able to find what they are looking for quickly.
  1. Local Search:

As per research, it is observed that almost 4 out of 5 searches are for the places or services in the near vicinity and half of the searches result in providing either the physical location or an action to make an order. This trend is not only going to continue in 2020 but is going to become more popular.

  • Local search owes its success to the increasing usage of mobile devices. Nowadays, it has become easy to take out your mobile phone and search for any location and use Maps to locate the place.
  • Local searches can also help you select a better place or product based upon their reviews. One can always check the recommendations and star ratings from the reviewers before visiting a place.
  • As per research, around 80 % of the users believe the reviews equally as a recommendation from any friend. Thus, more websites will be working on optimizing themselves for local searches with ample reviews and related location maps.
  1. Search Intent:

2019 witnessed the launch of an algorithm from Google which helps to prioritize the search intent. While various search engines are working to understand the intention of the user behind every search to provide them with suitable results, Google is also attempting to teach machines about the human behavior and intentions to bring more accuracy in the search results. It is predicted that in 2020, this trend will gain momentum and will become a big deal which is why SEO experts have started working on discovering different ways to optimize the website for keyword context and search intent.

  • Usually the results are categorized into 3 categories that the searchers search for. These categories are Information, Navigation, and Transaction and many of the websites already understand this fact.
  • While creating content, these 3 categories will determine the structure of the content and what keywords will be used. Just like voice search, search intent will also create new trends related to the usage of keywords.
  1. Structured Data:

Structured Data is going to be one of the hottest SEO Trends 2020.

  • There is no secret in the fact that Google prefers structured data and having a proper structure can place the website on Position Zero which will definitely be loved by website owners.
  • It is advised by many of the SEO experts to structure the website data correctly in 2020. Structured data will help the users as well as Google bots to find the content easily, thus, improving your SEO ranking.
  1. Brand Building:

A recent study has depicted that many of the websites get fewer clicks from the users even if they appear in the top 10 bracket of search results. In the present case scenario, there are approximately 40% of the search results which are getting wasted and the number is expected to rise only in the future. This is because the users generally click on the results of the website they recognize. This means bigger the brand, more recognition it will have resulting in more clicks and a higher ranking on search results. Thus, in 2020, it has become necessary than important to create a brand value of your website to gain more traffic.

  1. BERT:

The BERT update released by Google in 2019 immediately created a buzz amongst the SEO experts and they started to believe that this update will change the landscape of SEO. The BERT Algorithm is designed in a manner to help search engines understand the natural speech of humans resulting in more accurate results for the long search queries. Though Google tried not to create any hype about it but it was unanimously understood that the BERT update was big and will become a major SEO trends 2020. For all the businesses that take their digital presence seriously, it is important to optimize for BERT. It is required to have more relevant content on your website as stuffing the content with a few keywords is not going to fool Google anymore. Large text can be understood in a better manner allowing the searchers to receive qualitative answers for their questions.

  1. UX and Technical SEO:

In 2020, most trends are focusing upon the user experience while in the past, many of the SEO trends were fixed upon pleasing the search engines. With the advancement in the Digital field, the two have become associated. This means that 2020 will witness the collaboration of user experience with technical SEO which can be explained by trends like knowledge graphs, mobile-first, BERT, etc. It is important for the website owners to ensure that the content produced by them is useful to the users. Once they are affirmative about the content, then only they should start performing technical SEO for their website. This will allow them to meet all the necessary expectations of search engines to ensure more number of clicks while offering them a good experience. Thus, 2020 will have both the factors working closely together to produce the best results and cannot be avoided by any website owner who expects to gain ranking on SERP.

  1. Knowledge Graph Optimization:

Google is aware of the fact that searchers are looking for the Information, which is why the top 10 search results continue to vary and are replaced by what users are actually looking for. Keeping that in mind, the next big SEO trends 2020 is Knowledge Graphs which are an important part of SEO. Knowledge Graphs are being considered as a prominent source of traffic by Franchise brands. The important thing is that the knowledge graphs created by random people can be claimed by other people and even the information can be corrected just like in Wikipedia.

  1. Back-Links:

Backlinks are an essential part of off-page SEO and are going remain as important a trend in 2020 as well.  Backlinks help in adding credibility to your website and are great contributors to the Branding of your website. Backlinks  will still be used by search engines when deciding upon the ranking of the website. Though backlinks are essential to the ranking of your website, it is necessary to create credible backlinks that relate to the content of the website. Just like other SEO trends 2020, quality of the content and the backlinks is important


With the increasing need for website owners to mark their online presence, 2020 is going to be another busy yet important year for SEO professionals. Though great content will always remain the focus area, the above mention SEO trends 2020 will help you gain or maintain top ranking on search results.

We are web design, web development and search engine optimisation specialists who believe in fostering long term professional, mutually profitable relationships with our clients. Our services include website design, website development, e-commerce, search engine optimisation, database development, mobile application development and software development.

We are web design, web development and search engine optimisation specialists who believe in fostering long term professional, mutually profitable relationships with our clients. Our services include website design, website development, e-commerce, search engine optimisation, database development, mobile application development and software development.

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