How Google Ads can boost business to get more leads?

Google Ads can boost business to get more leads
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In the world of digital marketing, Google ads are one of the most popular tools in the market. It allows companies to tap into the vast resourceful world that is the Google advertising platform and showcases their products online. With the help of these ads, you (if you’re a digital brand) will be able to display a gamut of brief ads, product listings, video content, service offerings, and mobile app installs within the network to thousands of web users. 

Businesses can optimize Google Ads to help them reach out to a wider audience base and in the process, sell their products online. There are customers online who would search for their product with the help of keywords, and with the right ads, they will shell out the money and bring you the revenue you seek

Understanding Google Ads 

What are Google Ads?

Google ads are a Google-developed platform for online advertising. Advertisers pay to display their ads in multiple formats across the network and help users search for their products and services within the Google ecosystem. It places ads both in Google Search results and on other mobile apps, non-search websites, in addition to videos. 

Why are Google Ads important during COVID-19?

With the global pandemic crisis causing disruption of life, companies are finding it harder to manage their online budgets. Google Ads have understood the magnitude of the situation and have created simpler measures for ad makers. They have made it simpler for retailers to become more discoverable online with free exposure to the millions of people who come to Google for shopping needs. 

Shoppers will be able to gain access to more and better products from the stores that are discoverable with the help of the Google Shopping Tab. Paid campaigns become easier to discover with the help of free listings. 

Existing users won’t have to do anything in order to make the most of this new change. The free listing order is already live in the United States and it will be extended by the end of the year.

How to create lead-generating campaigns with Google Ads 

With Google Ads, you can reach out to the masses easily. You can work on a tight budget and still generate good leads that you can advertise across the Google network. These include Google Display Network, YouTube, and the Google Search Network. 

In order to advertise better with Google, you need to create Google-friendly landing pages and also not violate their site policies. To get started, you need to ensure that your ads have the right keywords in place. By doing so, it makes your products and services easily discoverable among the many other competitors. Keyword research is one of the most important activities you need to do in order to stand out from the rest. 

Once you’re able to get the right keywords in place, your audience will begin to reach out better and your products will become more visible. You’ve to keep improving your ads so that they get better recognition and soon you’ll start to see the difference.

6 Google Ads tips to get more leads 

There are a few tips you can follow diligently in order to optimize Google ads. These include –

1.  Improve your Quality Score 

Your quality score is the benchmark for Google to showcase your ads to a larger audience and ensure you’re able to gain more clicks for lesser pay. Google generally rewards advertisers with a good score, with lower CPC as well as higher ad positions.

If your Quality Score is higher for the AdWord campaigns than that of the competitor, you will end up paying less in order to acquire clicks as well as leads. A good online ad is cheaper and will help you increase your chances of converting. In order to discover your current score, you will have to click on the Campaigns tab right at the top. 

Click on the “Keywords” tab and the white speech bubble to see more details on the Quality Score of the keywords. You will see ratings for ad relevance, click-through rate, and the landing page experience.

2. Outsmart your competitors’ ads 

There are competitors in every industry and it’s the same with AdWords as well. If your competitors are ranking better, then you can analyze their secrets to help your company perform better as well. There are plenty of tools such as SemRush, Ahrefs that can help discover the best performing keywords of your competitors. 

You will be able to see overviews of the competitors’ keyword match performances and the total estimated PPC clicks and much more. 

You can bid on keywords your competitors are targeting or even choose a different set. These options will give you the upper hand and you could also analyze their ad copies to stand out. This Google ads tip will help you convert your target audience and help in clicking the text ad or the extension. 

3. Optimize the ads for mobile platforms 

Your ads need to stand out for mobile audiences as the future is going to be entirely mobile. It’s important that your ads are optimized so that mobile audiences can search them better. Mobile’s impact on PPC ads is huge and it has an upper hand when it comes to the total search volume for any given keyword match. 

It’s easier to convert mobile users as the process is shorter when it comes to comparing them to desktop users. The click-to-call feature that Google allows mobile users makes it simpler for them to get in touch with a business with a single click. 

4. Improve your conversion with Remarketing Ads 

Remarketing is extremely useful if you’re working with Google Display Network Ads. If you’re not leveraging remarketing to boost conversion rates, then it is time for you to change that. You can’t pay for Ad campaigns and hope for improvements.

It helps you get in touch with customers who have a higher chance of converting into a purchase as you’ll be able to remarket to them in a better time window. As they click on your ad, they will get reminders on the other sites they visit or even emails that point towards your brand and this will help you convert.

5. Use In-Market Audiences 

Targeting in-market audiences leads to better engagements and conversions as you can reach customers at a time they’re actively researching, browsing, or comparing the different products on the ad extension. You can run a Google Ad to a segment that is structured within a larger group and this in-market group can convert better.

If you do so, there are higher chances because the ad is more specific and related to them. This way, you can get them to purchase and increase your chances of making a purchase.

6. Run ads through Google Display Networks 

If you want to reduce the spending on your Google Ads, you can run text or online ads via the Google Display Networks. LinkedIn is a massive part of the Google Display Network and offers a bigger advantage to B2B advertisers.

You can place display ads strategically with the LinkedIn ad extension and you have to make sure the content is relevant to the audience. You can reduce the Cost Per Click and attract a larger audience that’s targeted by clicking on the buy button and the ad extension. 

Ideas to Optimize your Google Ads

There are a few excellent tips that can be followed in order to optimize Google ads and give you the revenue you’re looking for. Here’s how:

1.  Remove underperforming keywords 

Keywords are the bread-and-butter for digital marketing, especially on search engines. You need to do a keyword-research exercise every few weeks and identify the ones that are performing the least and remove them. This is a great Google ads tip that can save you from wasting money.

2. Constantly add negative keywords

Negative keywords will play a big role in ensuring your products and services don’t appear in a negative fashion. You need to create your niche in the online space and the usage of negative keywords ensures your positive ones remain super-specialized and are discovered better by the audience online.

The keywords reporting and management needs to be done in an orderly fashion to ensure consistency. Make sure you run these exercises for a better chance of converting your audience online.

3. Try dynamic keyword insertion 

You’ve to constantly find different keywords that are more relevant to what you’re selling. The Dynamic Keyword Insertion tool is offered by Bing and AdWords and allows you to insert a keyword into your ad copy. You can customize the ad copy based around the search term someone might be searching for.

 Google Ads can boost business

4. Review your Max CPC

The Max CPC allows you to smartly determine the highest amount you will be willing to pay for any click on an ad. If someone ends up clicking on your ad, that shouldn’t cost you more than the maximum CPC you’ve set for the same ad.  Keep reviewing the same in order to get the best returns. 

5. Use a CTA in your ads 

CTAs make a big difference in getting people to convert. Always end each ad with a relevant CTA so that people click and visit your website. It is one of the most popular Google ads tips you can follow and it’ll serve you in good stead over the long term.

6. Constantly test new landing pages 

The world of digital works on proper planning and experimentation and that is why you’ve to keep trying out landing pages. By trying out different landing pages, you’ll be able to stand out and make ones that convert higher. Keep experimenting in order to get better returns for your ad campaigns.

7. Use ad extensions when appropriate 

Ad extensions are one of the best Google ads tips we can give you because it will help your audience reach out to you better. The ad extensions can be present at the bottom of any Google ad so a customer can click on it and just easily get in touch with your business.

8. Test our SKAGs 

SKAG or Single Keyword Ad Group allows you to add one keyword to your ad group, with its own set of ads as well. It allows you to settle up ad groups in such a manner that everything is tightly focused around the same. 

9. Aim for high-quality scores 

Quality always sticks out. You need to aim for greater quality scores because it will ensure your brand gains a good reputation. Work with the best tools that allow you to improve your quality score at all times.


Thus, these are some of the most effective ways in which you’ll be able to convert leads and optimize your business. Ensure you’re able to constantly experiment and keep the quality score high, in addition to the other methods prescribed here and you’ll soon begin to notice the difference in lead conversion. 

AdNabu helps improve sales in Google Ads for eCommerce companies. If you are running the search, shopping, or display campaigns in Google Ads, This software will be able to increase your sales. Sign up today for a 14-day free trial from here.

AdNabu helps improve sales in Google Ads for eCommerce companies. If you are running the search, shopping, or display campaigns in Google Ads, This software will be able to increase your sales. Sign up today for a 14-day free trial from here.

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