Pay Per Click (PPC)

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SEO 247′ Pay-Per-Click campaigns offer:

  • Keyword Mining and Copy writing: We make sure that we produce an exhaustive list of the relevant search terms, accompanied by effective copy for each term, to give your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign the best possible start.
  • Landing Page Optimization: It’s critical to ensure that once web users click through to your site from a search, they find exactly what they want, and – most importantly – buy it. SEO 247 will help you maximize your conversion rate.
  • Account Management: By creating and managing your search engine accounts, we can help to increase your advertising return – giving you more time to focus on running your business.
  • Shopping and Price Comparison Engines: Offering great prices is only beneficial to your business if potential customers are made aware of them. SEO 247 ensures that your products and services are displayed on shopping comparison sites to showcase how price competitive you are.
  • Tracking and Reporting: We monitor every click through and offer you detailed reports at all times, resulting in a clear and accountable campaign. Our ‘Open Book’ policy also means you can access all your accounts continually.



  • Market Research & Competitor Analysis.
  • Thorough Keyword Research and Selection.
  • Website Analysis.
  • Designing a better strategy
  • Text based Ads creation
  • Display banner ads creation
  • Mobile ads creation
  • Video Ads (client need to have video ready)
  • Product Listings Ads (PLA) for ecommerce websites
  • Dynamic Ads creation


  • Will Provide easy to understand report weekly or monthly
  • Will guide on how client can see important reports


  • Creation of Adwords/PPC Account (if not already registered)
  • Designing campaign structure.


  • Search Campaign
  • Display campaign
  • Remarketing campaign
  • Mobile campaign
  • Video Campaign
  • Product Ads campaign



  • Strategic Geographical Targeting and Ad Scheduling
  • Advanced Tracking setup using Google Analytics
  • Conversion tracking setup to measure leads & sales
  • Use Advanced Ad Grouping techniques to Increase Relevan


  • Ensure on-going keyword research and trend study for new keyword additions
  • Drafting Effective Ad Text Using Tested Best Practices
  • Careful and Complete Negative Keyword Selection and Implementation
  • Proactive deletion of poor keywords and negative keyword management
  • On-going ads performance analysis and A/B testing
  • Bid Optimization to get maximum ROI
  • Ensure continued Keyword Performance Analysis
  • Choose the Right Cost per Click and Budget Options based on Market Competition and Advertiser Budget
  • Careful analysis of all metrics to get maximum quality clicks and improved Return
  • Landing Page review and optimization